How do PLS Insoles Work?

insole-customersWalking on a beachWearing PLS Insoles is like walking barefoot on a beach. They are filled with food grade glycerine which means they will not compress or flatten like a gel or foam insole. The fluid provides shock absorption, massage and arch support.

  • Shock Absorption:  As you step forward, the glycerine moves to the heel. As you step onto your heel, the glycerine absorbs the shock during heel strike. This helps to reduce the impact on your ankles, knees, hips and lower back.  This is especially beneficial to people who work on concrete or tile floors in workboots.


  • Massage: When walking or standing, the fluid is pushed back and forth providing a soothing massage. The massage improves circulation to the feet. Better circulation results in less fatigue and helps with the healing of existing injuries such as plantar fasciitis, etc.


  • Arch Support: When standing or walking, the heel and ball of your foot push the liquid into the unsupported part of your foot, the arch, thus providing  arch support. This is significant for people who have flat feet or people who over pronate.

Additional Benefits

The absorbent cloth layers provide additional cushioning but primarily serve as a moisture barrier which helps keep feet comfortable.  The insoles will not retain odor and they will resist mildew because they are microbial treated.

PLS Insoles have a therapeutic effect through massage. At first, your feet may feel warmer as the blood circulation increases but this will soon dissipate.


PLS Insoles must lay flat in your footwear.  You can trim them at the toe area only.  Do not trim them on the sides or at the heel.

Care Instructions

Hand or machine wash weekly with soap and water.  No bleach.  AIR DRY ONLY. Before you place the PLS Insoles into your footwear, ensure there are no rocks, gravel, sand or dirt in your footwear. Foreign material in your footwear may cause premature breakage.

Getting Accustomed to your PLS Insoles

There may be an adjustment period. If your feet feel tender, take them out for 2 hours. Gradually increase the wear time until you are comfortable in them all day.

If you have very SENSITIVE feet, try placing PLS Insoles directly on the base of your shoe with the insole of that shoe on top of the PLS Insole.  They will be much less pronounced when worn like this.