How are PLS Insoles different than other insoles?

They are filled with food grade glycerin.   The glycerin will not compress or flatten like a gel or foam insole.   They absorb shock, massage your feet and provide arch support all at the same time.

Can I wear them in sandals and flip flops?

Yes.  A simple cut with scissors allows you to wear them in flip flops.  A piece of tape under the heel portion of the insole will keep the insole from moving on top of your flip flop.
When wearing sandals, place tape on the bottom side of the insole at the heel and at the ball of the foot.

DO NOT CUT into the glycerine filled area of the insole! Even though the insole is cut for a flip flop, it can still be worn in a shoe.

Can I wash them?

Hand or machine wash with soap and water.  No bleach.  AIR DRY ONLY. Before you place the PLS Insoles into your footwear, ensure there are no rocks, gravel, sand or dirt in your footwear. Foreign material in your footwear may cause premature breakage.

Can I put them under the insole already in my shoes?

Yes!   Some people like them better that way.  

How long should I wear them initially?

There may be an adjustment period. If your feet feel tender, take them out for 2 hours. Gradually increase the wear time until you are comfortable in them all day.
If you have very SENSITIVE feet, try placing PLS Insoles directly on the base of your shoe with the insole of that shoe on top of the PLS Insole.  They will be much less pronounced when worn like this.

Can I run with them?

Yes, you can run with them after your feet are well accustomed to them.

Can I wear them on top of my orthotics?

Yes, most people enjoy the added shock absorption and massaging effect of the PLS Insole on top of their orthotic.